Sunny Side Up


My graduate collection is a translation of my childhood memories. The inspiration came from a variety of things, from books I had read as a kid, which shaped my imagination, to crazy cartoons like Dexter’s Laboratory. The starting point of this collection was the original print, which I made with a sublimation printing technique. It’s supposed to bring to mind children’s scribbles. In order to achieve three-dimensional, bubble wrap-like structure, I transformed fabric through the use of traditional Japanese shibori techniques. Soft, scaled forms of clothes are supposed to wrap the figure and create a safe „cocoon”.

Through accessories like the exaggerated colourful gloves, headbands with big bows, mattress shape-like backpack and hand-dyed colourful rain boots, I wanted to transfer a little bit of unreal, imaginary world into clothes and create magical, dreamy, fluffy, fairy tale atmosphere. I wanted the collection to be positive, colourful with playful accoutrements and a little bit of humour running throughout, a reminder that’s it’s never too late to fulfill childhood dreams.​